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Hands for Christ a true blessing.

Praise God. As you know we are “Under the Bridge” ministry. We go out into the community and reach out to the unsaved.
On Wednesday we ran into a young man by the name of Corey. He wanted to turn his life over to God; but he said he did not have access to a Bible. We gave him one of the churches Bibles. At that point we realized we needed to have some kind of access to Bibles we could hand out. We contacted The Gideons and they said unless we are a prison, hotel, or hospital to whom houses people they could not help us. So we were a bit aggravated, Janine remembered at one point in time she had visited a place up on Williamson road that had materials they loaned to people. So Frank, Janine and Jeremy headed out to Williamson Road. We came across a “Jesus is Lord” sign and in the back you could see the “Hands for Christ.” We looked at each other and said well God is with us. We got into the store and there was a Lady by the name of Sharon Kuder that was in the front. I explained the issue we had with this young 20 year old man. She looked and said well is it the little new testaments that you need. We looked and said oh yes Ma’am. She asked a real nice man to go get a box. He came back with a box of new testaments that we could hand out. We were jumping for joy. She then proceeded to take Pastor Frank in the back of the building and gave him some tracts also. He returned with a huge smile. She showed us some other booklets we could hand out and she gave us those. She called the nice young man back and he left. When we got to the front of the store the young man was holding yet another box of Bibles and they were leather bound and the whole Bible. I, Janine was beside myself. This is alot more than what I had been praying for and with so much love. I must have looked like a little child in a candy store for the first time. We all asked if we could say a prayer of thanks and we did and went on out of “Hands for Christ” with so much praise and joy from all of their allowing God to work through them and the generosity. Praise God.

Hands for Christ International Inc.
5720 Williamson Rd, Suite 111
Roanoke,VA. 24012

Praise God and thank you so much God and thank you so much Hands for Christ. Praise God.

This is a video I found on Youtube. Very inspirational. Maybe sometime in the future we will have our own video up. Please be praying for “Under the Bridge” ministry. God bless.


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Logan, Sky Angel Cowboy(child like faith)

If only we as adults could learn from this child. The world would be a better place. Praise God.


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Dante and the love of God.: “Under the Bridge” ministry

Praise God. Tuesday was here again. We had a very blessed night witnessing and mainly spreading the love of God to the amazing and awesome lost souls of God; in Roanoke Virginia.
It started out as a rainy night in Roanoke. Damp and cold was not the way we wanted to go share God’s love. A few of us almost decided not to go. Then one of our members reminded us “Homeless people and lost souls have to be down there no matter what. They do not have a choice but to stand around in the rain.” So we prayed and started down to the Bridge on Tazewell Avenue.
I, Janine VanDenBerg do not have many great and wonderful memories under the bridge. Because I too have been a victim of trauma and underneath that exact bridge I use to prostitute myself to afford my drug habit and also most of my past boyfriends drug habits. But I can feel everyone’s hurts and I am able to remember where I have come from. God has molded me into one of His servants and I want to return the love that God has given me.
We talked with alot of sad and lonely people and we were allowed to pray for and with these awesome souls. We were able to make new friends and it is such a blessing to be there with these very smart, intelligent, artistic people. They just got on the wrong path somewhere, or alot are trauma victims to whom do not realize there is another way of life, or some their parents threw them out on the streets at a young age, the main story we usually get is the parents chose drugs over them and they were not brought up with a sense of responsibility or are unable to realize they can be responsible because nobody has reached out to give them their time and effort to care enough to show them.
The end of the night grew near and we hated to have to start to head back to the van and leave our friends up under that bridge. We got into the van and we were talking about the experiences and the smiles and the many hugs we received. Pastor Frank then asked Jeremy for one of the books that we were handing out. I looked up and there was an older man walking down the hill. He appeared as though he was beaten to death by life. Pastor Frank called out to him to offer him the book. He appeared to be distracted and pastor Frank called again. The weary older man looked up with a very weather beaten face and no sign of any laugh lines. He slowly walked over to the van and took the book and said “thank you”. he then just broke out in to a very sad and lonely cry. I, Janine sitting in the back seat tried to open the door forgetting Pastor’s Franks back door does not work properly. I was struggling very hard to get out and I began yelling at Joe “Open this door, Joe open it!” We as ex-street people understand “street people” especially men do not break down crying in front of strangers for no reason. We got out to the man and hugged him and attempted to comfort him.
We found out his name was “Dante.”Dante’s son had died two days before hand. Tears were streaming down this amazing souls face. My heart was breaking inside. I wanted so much to take that hurt away from him. I too had a son die of Sudden Infant Death syndrome and I had a break down from the situation. He just wept as we stood and held him tight. He stopped crying and looked up. You could see days of dirt on this mans weather beaten face.”Why are you all doing this?” He asked. His look was baffling: “People just do not even know I am alive.” We tried to explain that God uses us as His way to reach out to you and to let you know He loves you. He began cussing and so forth and he said that just does not happen to him. We asked him if we could pray with him and he said please do. We all prayed for him to be comforted and that God would place special angels around him. We finished and Pastor Frank and Jeremy went on to the van and allowed Joe and I to speak with the man.
I began speaking with Dante. I found out he had been drinking since he found out his son had died. He also had been taking a lighter to his forearms and burning himself so he did not have to feel the pain of his son dieing. He lives in a camp outside of Roanoke. He had not ate in 3 days so he came into town to eat at the Rescue Mission. He often flipped from and calm personality to a very enraged and ugly personality. I had seen this one other time in LA when I was at the Dream Center. I asked him if we could have a small prayer and he said yes again.

I then prayed that the demon would be rebuked in the name of the Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit, That this man was a child of God’s and the demon has no right to be within him. Or around anyone of us. That he was to be gone NOW OUT!!!!! Again we praise you our dear Father for giving us the authority to rebuke and remove such demons. We praise you father for Dante. In thy name we pray amen.
Dante looked up and broke down again in tears. I cannot live this life anymore. I need peace. Can I have the peace that you have. We explained about Jesus dieing on the cross, saving us all from our sins and that God wants us to be dependent on Him and Him only and all the glory goes to God. Dante asked if we could lead him through prayer because he had never prayed. We lead him through the prayer and we praised God for our new brother in Christ and closed the prayer up. Dante’s face was beaming. He jumped up and said “I am a warrior for God now! I want to pass on this peace.” He hugged us and quickly left with his hands in the air and praising God.
We are still praying for you Dante and we pray all is well. We invited him to our church and he said he had to get things in order again and he would be there soon. God bless.

Update: March 25, 2012 Dante came to church. He says things are alot better now. He is still looking for a job. He also wants to attend church regularly and also wants to attend Celebrate recovery. He is still staying in a camp outside of town. Thank you Father for a new brother in Christ. God bless Dante. Also be praying that Dante Gets a job!!!


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From Happy to Homeless: Teens in Trouble

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