Hands for Christ a true blessing.

Praise God. As you know we are “Under the Bridge” ministry. We go out into the community and reach out to the unsaved.
On Wednesday we ran into a young man by the name of Corey. He wanted to turn his life over to God; but he said he did not have access to a Bible. We gave him one of the churches Bibles. At that point we realized we needed to have some kind of access to Bibles we could hand out. We contacted The Gideons and they said unless we are a prison, hotel, or hospital to whom houses people they could not help us. So we were a bit aggravated, Janine remembered at one point in time she had visited a place up on Williamson road that had materials they loaned to people. So Frank, Janine and Jeremy headed out to Williamson Road. We came across a “Jesus is Lord” sign and in the back you could see the “Hands for Christ.” We looked at each other and said well God is with us. We got into the store and there was a Lady by the name of Sharon Kuder that was in the front. I explained the issue we had with this young 20 year old man. She looked and said well is it the little new testaments that you need. We looked and said oh yes Ma’am. She asked a real nice man to go get a box. He came back with a box of new testaments that we could hand out. We were jumping for joy. She then proceeded to take Pastor Frank in the back of the building and gave him some tracts also. He returned with a huge smile. She showed us some other booklets we could hand out and she gave us those. She called the nice young man back and he left. When we got to the front of the store the young man was holding yet another box of Bibles and they were leather bound and the whole Bible. I, Janine was beside myself. This is alot more than what I had been praying for and with so much love. I must have looked like a little child in a candy store for the first time. We all asked if we could say a prayer of thanks and we did and went on out of “Hands for Christ” with so much praise and joy from all of their allowing God to work through them and the generosity. Praise God.

Hands for Christ International Inc.
5720 Williamson Rd, Suite 111
Roanoke,VA. 24012
e-mail: hfc@handsforchrist.org
web: http://www.handsforchrist.org

Praise God and thank you so much God and thank you so much Hands for Christ. Praise God.

This is a video I found on Youtube. Very inspirational. Maybe sometime in the future we will have our own video up. Please be praying for “Under the Bridge” ministry. God bless.


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