Testimony from Angela Hinchee.

My name is Angela Hinchee. I am 49 years old. My whole life has been a train wreck waiting to happen. On March 15,2008 my home was condemned due to kerosene heaters. I had two young children at the time. My daughter was two years old and my son was eight. I had nowhere to go but the streets. I spent four long years outside. I was constantly drunk and did not care about a thing. My children were gone and I felt my whole world had collapsed.
I then entered the “United Christian Inner-City Ministry” on 828 Jamison Ave, S.E. Roanoke,VA 24013. That is when I met Pastor Mike English and his wife Billie. They continued to try to help me, but I continued to mess up as I had in the past. But what was different with them than most other people I had met they never gave up on me. Despite my hard hardheadedness they were always there for me. I really have Pastor Mike English and Billie and the United Christian Inner-City Ministry “family” to thank for standing by me in my time of need and also leading my to God.
I, Angela Hinchee have stopped drinking and am living in a home. I will always remember the love that God has for me and the love of Pastor Mike English and Billie and the loving family of United Christian Inner-city Ministry.



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3 responses to “Testimony from Angela Hinchee.

  1. Amy L. Burns

    Angela has found great strength in United Christian Inner City Ministry. She is well on her way in recovery with no turning back. It is a joy to have her lead groups and play cards at On Our Own. She can definitely demonstrate that overcoming is possible through God.

  2. Brian D'Errico

    Keep up the great work, Angela!

  3. Please if you would like to leave a comment for Angela’s testimony. please follow the directions all the way please because we evidently are not receiving them. We apologize. God bless.

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