Janine VanDenBerg: Prostitute, crack addict, alcoholic, drug dealer to God’s warrior!

Hello My name is Janine VanDenBerg I am a full blooded American Indian, Tsimshian tribe! I am currently living in Roanoke, Virginia. I am a former alcoholic, crack addict, drug dealer and prostitute for 18 years!
I was adopted by a dutch family at 8 months old.My trauma began at an early age. From what my father says when I was adopted I was very scared of all men. I was unable to be left alone around men and nobody knew why. But I was also traumatized by being taken from my Native American Heritage and brought up in Holland, MI. Around some very racist Dutch people. I was raised in Holland, Michigan. I attended “Holland Christian Schools.” I was fondled by a person near to me while I had a hairline fracture in my ankle and was not able to tell anyone. I became ward of the state at the age of 12; because my adopted parents could not handle me. My father was a pastor and professor of theology at Hope College in Holland, MI. I was in and out of foster homes all my life; The best Foster home was with Mr and Mrs Gary Peters. God bless Mr Gary Peters soul and Praise God I am still in contact with Mrs Edith Peters. I have Bi polar, severe depression, avoid-ant personality disorder, severe panic attacks, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and seasonal affective disorder. God has been working through all of it with me! I have received disability ; it allows me to get the therapy I need!I have recently been very closely involved with Trauma Group therapy.It was NOT simple at first I started the very first class twice but my mind was not ready to process it. The last time I did start I finished it the name of the book we used was ” Healing the Trauma of abuse.” By Copeland Harris  and then I did the Trauma Parenting Group and graduated from that; also am now waiting for the Last Trauma group to start. Praise God! I just love what God has me doing because I know I survived it all to lend a hand to those that need it! Praise God! I have been in several different domestic violence relationships. I wound up in Orlando married and with a down syndrome child!He gave me a STD when I was pregnant! My husband left me, because he fathered an imperfect child! I then had to work the streets to survive. I had already been drinking , drugging and dealing! I was raped 3 times and two prosecutions and one got away because I did not want to go through it again! I lost a child from one of my bad relationships where he threw me down the steps and then set the house on fire!

I went to Warren Ohio because the father of my son Peter A. Fenner chose to be a drunk and beat me. One of his friends took me one night from Orlando, Florida because Peter had beat me up real bad the night before. This man took my son and I up to Warren, Ohio. He got a job and an apartment and put my son and I up. Then I got pregnant and one day while I was sitting at the house and Uriah was getting ready for work. The phone rang. I answered it and it was my son’s father. He talked and I was shaking very bad. Then he asked how I had the nerve to leave him and take his child from him. He then asked if he could come and visit. I did not know what to say. I was asking myself in my head “How on earth did you get my phone number, if he has my phone number than does he know where I am? Then I told myself no, He is in Florida” Well he asked if he could come and visit sometime and I said I would have to ask Uriah first. He then stated he was 5 minutes away. I froze. Uriah did not go to work and Peter came over. Uriah was a very kind hearted man and said we should allow him to stay at the apartment because he was Lil Petie’s father..But to make a story short he later threw me down a staircase and I had a miscarriage and then the next night He set the apartment on fire while Uriah, Petie and I were sleeping. We got out safe. He was put away. I later lost Uriah and I was on my own found a job working for an elderly man watching over him in his house and Petie and I lived there. Then one night someone came in and shoot up the mans house and I grabbed Petie and ran up to the attic and cover him up with my body so he would not be hurt. The next day I went to Child Protective services and asked if they could temporarily hold him until I found another job. They said “Yes” I said I would get him back. But in the mean time they found his father and his father signed the adoption papers and when I went to visit Petie next they told me they needed me to sign them also. I said “NO” but when we went to court I had a nervous breakdown and all my parental rights I lost. Peter A. Fenner was adopted out and his name is now Nick Huncherick.

I met a man who was a marine in Warren , Ohio. He wound up on crack and would come wanting money and if I did not have it, he would take me and throw me on the floor face down; pull both of my arms back and get them to go out of joint and then beat me! I had 187 stitches put in the top of my head ; where he broke 3 full fifths of Wild Irish rose on the top of my head.He then stabbed me in the right hand , cut my left forearm wide open; when I tried to leave; because I was bleeding real bad ,he took a baseball bat to my shins and kept beating me trying to break my legs, so I could not go to the hospital! I then died on the front lawn; from what the officer and neighbors said. When the officer told him he was going to jail for murder, he jumped on top of me and revived me! I finally got away from him by going to a woman’s domestic violence shelter in Ohio and I went back to Florida. Where he proceeded to find me and put 18 stitches on my left temple! Then I met another man that did the same as he did! I had two children by him and he made me work the streets to pay rent , get diapers, pay for his crack and prostitutes! I lost my children here when My son died of sudden infant death syndrome and I had a nervous breakdown and went to Florida and did not know it ! I not only lost Cory, but they would not give me my girls back!I have been going through an awful lot of counseling and I go to Trauma group and am working out all my Traumas! I actually was able to cry and mourn my sons death for the first time in 2009 since his death in Feb. 1996! Praise God! I have also in 2010 learned how to deal with the death of my mother and my sister. My mother died June 25, 1986 and my sister died Sept. 6, 2003.

I am not cold any more, I am a person with feelings! I have learned how to not dissociate when things get difficult. I have also learned how to feel and cry and all that other stuff. Due to the work of the Trauma Groups.

When I was 38 years old I was sitting watching my boyfriend smoke crack and drink with his friends off of the money that I had to make on the streets! This went on for a week.I would have to go out and make money so they could continue to party! Well; usually I was right along with them, but that week I chose not to participate in the party! On Saturday there was a knock at the door; it was two women! I saw that they were neatly dressed and I flew out the door! They were somebody sober to talk too; finally! They were going around neighborhoods that they knew; the older lady at one time lived on that street! Praise God! They were looking for people to attend a program at there church for new Christians! Like I said I was happy to speak to sober women and found out that the one younger lady had gone to Calvin College in Michigan! That was the rival college that I had done one semester at! God is so awesome! Praise God! Sgt. Brent Asbury from Roanoke City police Department; was also someone that came to me about God! I was attending the Mormon church and he sat with me for 3 hours one Sunday and read the BIBLE! Praise God! I was currently attending a Mormon Church; because they were the only ones coming around to the doors and attempting to minister! I had no idea they were a cult! But I did not like how they would not answer my questions about the Bible! So praise God I started going to this program called “Alpha program! By Nicky Gumble! Totally awesome! I became a member of their church. We started an outreach that has now stopped; but it was to focus on homeless and prostitutes and addicts, ex-cons, cons, juvenile detention homes and lonely! We would go out and have picnics on the health departments lawn and socialize with these lost souls! I too as a new Christian used music to get their attention. The singer was Carman! As time went on it turned to Press Play” of the LA Dream Center! You have to make friends with them first and gain their trust before you talk to them about God! This went on for about 3 years! I wanted a very intimate relationship with God so I could pass on what those two blessed woman introduced me to! God’s Love!!!

I was a member of “Parkway Wesleyan Church.”I have gone with them twice to the Los Angeles Dream Center ; I especially recommend going out for the day with Chris VanWinkle of Under the bridges Ministry! With the guidance of God and help of Short Term missions trip to Los Angeles Dream Center; I am going into crack houses, bars,places where the prostitutes work, juvenile detention homes, prisons to use my past to reach people that most cannot. Yes,I also go to “Churches” :so that the congregations will get motivated and start doing God’s work out here! They are sometimes in their comfort zones and they are missing out on the most blessed part of being a Christian and that is winning souls to God!

I was also busy with the Manna Ministry program that feeds people 1 box of food a month and it is amazing because most that come there are the people I use to party with!

I was also getting involved with Let Go and let God ministries based in Salem Virginia!They have since quit? They were awesome couple! Christopher is an x meth dealer and Sharron (Sam) use to be in Witchcraft! They befriended drug dealers and wiccans and on their Saturdays take them out to a farm that Christopher’s dad owns in Trouteville and they’d go paint balling to break the ice! After wards they had a worship time and it is truly amazing! There is also a young lady from Penn. State that has contacted me via e-mail and she asks for Prayer because she believes she is demonic! God is so awesome!

I now consider myself; one of the wealthiest women in the world! I am able to wake up each morning and study and pray in freedom. I then can ask God to use me in what ever way he needs me! I am His tool! Then am able to go out in the world and plant seeds! What more can I ask for? God is so awesome! I AM so blessed and I AM forgiven of my past; so I can use it as a tool to reach out to others that most cannot reach!

I understand living on the streets! I have died 4 times in my life. 3 out of the 4 I was NOT saved , so God did not have to keep me here! Praise God! I would not trade my life for any amount of money! My spiritual freedom and relationship with God is so precious to me! You have a wonderful day and God bless! I have sites all over the internet! Google Janine VanDenBerg but watch out for the Doctor! LOL!God gets all the glory and I also learned that : Paul would not have been Paul had he NOT been SAUL first! God is so awesome! Praise God! Your sister in Christ! Janine Marie Palma VanDenberg

Thank you and God bless!WE MUST UNITE and become ONE in GOD! He needs the warriors! Praise God!

God now has me as a facilitator for “Celebrate Recovery” program! By John Baker and a forward from Rick Warren and in the Purpose Driven programs! It is the 12 steps , but explaining them using the beatitudes!

Praise God in April I had to have a full Hysterectomy because they found cancer cells, The doctor did not realize it was as severe as it was, When the pathology report came back I was 1 cell away from full blown cancer! Praise God for the power of prayer! I know God heard and answered the prayers Thank you everyone!

I am currently living at Melrose Towers and was on the Melrose Towers council. Where we are the voice of the people. I was the secretary for Melrose Towers council. I was also on the JRC Inc.: Joint resident Council for all the projects. I was the recording secretary for this. They were trying to get me a grant to learn how to make web sites! God is blessing me!

Praise God He blessed me with the apartment over at Melrose Towers and My condolences To the Blodgett Family. I use to reside at the home at 2034 Dansbury dr, NW Roanoke,VA. before I moved here.It was the home of Warren Roy Blodgett. On Wednesday August 26, police went to his home for a well being check because his family had not heard from him and he had been missing work. The police found Warren Blodgett 52 and another female dead in the house. They were badly decomposed that it took them a few days to know who they are. They still do not know who the woman is. This easily could have been me but God had me move a little over two years ago. Warren asked me to move back in 4 months ago because he wanted help evicting the current residents and I said I would have to pray on it and God said “NO!” I was once more spared because of following God.
I am now currently going through Trauma classes and being honest about all. I am learning so much about myself and I am actually getting to know the true me. 6 months ago I cried about the death of my Mother and sister for the first time. I am learning how to feel feelings and realized that I was “dissociating” through mt child hood and through the prostitution etc… I am learning how to be an adult and I was just allowed two months ago to be my own Payee, to you that may be a small thing but for an ex prostitute etc… it is huge to me. I am so thankful for the counseling I am still receiving but better yet the officers, judges, DA’s that stood by me through this learning how to be a up right and solid citizen. Thanks everyone

Update December 26, 2010. My son who was adopted out in Warren, Ohio found me. Praise God! Only through God can things such as this happen. His name is Nick Huncherick and he is 23 years old. Praise God for miracles. Love you Son.size

Praise God. JAnuary 16, 2012 I was blessed again by our merciful and awesome Father from above. My 18 year old daughter accepted my friendship long enough for her to ask some questions and listen to some of MY answers and not rumors she has been passed through the years from relatives. She had to remove me from her friends list due to her father’s Girlfriend to whom she refers to as “mom” It hurt at first but I have to accept the fact due to my “ONCE” illnesses I was not able to care for myself. She is still messaging me and I appreciate the love and forgiveness God has given her to just be able to be my friend. Thank you Father.

UPDATED FEB. 35, 2012

Praise God I have just found out that God is going to be using me for STREET MINISTRY beginning Tuesday February 28, 2012. The new Church I attend Unity Christian Inner-City Ministry on 828 Jamison Ave, SE Roanoke,VA 24013 has finally been the Church ready to start Street Ministry. I have been doing this myself. But praise God I have a supportive Church willing to learn about it and go out and start planting seeds in the downtrodden hearts and lost souls of the homeless, crack addicts, ex cons, domestic violence victims, and especially the trama victims that do not realize they actually are trauma victims such as the sexually molested, or sexually abused, mentally abused, physically abused,etc… which has led them to addictions. But praise God. I have been praying every since I went to the Dream Center on a couple of short-term missions trip that someone paid for with alot of Gods love in their hearts. But now I can teach others how to show Gods love and pass it on and all to glorify Gods name. Praise God. I am so excited.

Also at Unity Christian inner-city Ministry church I have started back with Celebrate recovery. Please anyone reading this be praying for a young man named Danien. He actually helped start this Celebrate recovery at the church because he was a Wiccan. He then was saved and brought his parents to the church and they now attend when ever the door are open. Sine this Damien has returned to the Wiccan ways. But God is making a warrior out of this boy right now. We are praying he will see the light soon and return to Church and relize he too can go out and be a major part of the street ministries because the Wiccan religion is becoming alot stronger. It is time to pray so we can have out warrior back and really fight the fight against the Wiccans and the devil and glorify God’s Name praise God. I will keep you updayed on this. But his parent s have remained faithful to God and have taken on the respondsibility of being the leaders of Celebrate recovery. Praise God..

Update May,2012

Praise God. God has finally blessed me with a piece of Heaven on earth. By this I mean I am now at a Church that I have dreamed of since I attended my missions trips at the LA Dream Center. I am going to United Christian Inner-City Ministry on 828 Jamison Ave, S.E. Roanoke ,VA. I have help found a ministry called “under the Bridge” ministry. We on Tuesdays around 4 pm Go out into the City of Roanoke and find the homeless, downtrodden, addicts, and hopeless people and befriend them. We want to show them God’s love through all our actions. We pray with them and hand out Bibles and literature. Our dream is to soon open up house for some of these people that really want to get their lives together and serve the Lord. God has the ball rolling and we are just waiting on Him to give the go ahead. I am also heading up a new Recovery group which use to be the Celebrate recovery group but we have chosen to apply the entire Bible to our lives through studying of the Bible verses that God has given use to pick us up and heal us. Thank you Father for giving this church a very faithful and obedient shepherd. One who preaches strictly out of the Bible. Truth!!!!!!


I currently do not attend United Christian Inner-City Ministry any more this is why the site has changed. Please be praying that God will lead me to a wonderful and very strong church that chooses to follow the Bible totally, not just a little bit. God bless.


No longer attend United Christian Inner-City Ministries. My prayers go out to the members of that Church and pray they receive the correct teachings and have the discernment to go to the Bible and see if what is being preached goes with the Bible. These people need this Church because they need the food. The members are homeless, down trodden and mentally unstable and if you tell the Pastor something he is preaching on ;is not the truth he gets real angry and holds a grudge against you. totally against God’s word! I even asked him one time when I was running their “Recovery” group to pray for a young man in the service and ask others to pray also because he was being held at the hospital for a 72 hour hold. Instead the Pastor stated “You lie with dogs you get fleas!” The reason he did not pray for this young man was because the man chose to attend a Bible study of two people to whom had been asked to leave the church because they had taken the “Recovery” group members to another church for a free “Anger management class!” He has chosen to run off most of the elders and deacons because of his pride. But to be led down a path that they do not know it is not true is wrong. Please people pray for the Leaders of the church to where they may know and see the love of God and realize that we are suppose to show God’s love through all our actions! Not a pick and choose thing. Also  that the leaders may let go of hatred and not constantly attempt to pull down those that use to attend the Church.


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Prayer warriors needed tonight!!!!

Dedicated Christian Foster Mother needs prayers for healing

PRAYER WARRIORS CALLING ALL  PRAYER WARRIORS: asking for prayer concerning a Foster mother to whom is a very very young lady and foster mother. She went into the ER and is now seizing very hard. They do not know what is going on so please be praying for Danny. She has devoted her life to Christ and to these many foster children and they need her to continue the walk in Christ. Thank you so much! God bless

Prayers for Danny a very young Christian Foster mother


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Granddaughter Jenava Grace Huncherick

Jenava Grace Huncherick July 12, 2012 born at 7 pm and was 10lbs. 7 ounces.

Janine VanDenBerg is a very proud Grandma to Jenava Grace Huncherick born at 7 pm on July 12, 2012 at 10lbs 7 0zs. Her son Nick Huncherick and Jessica are the very proud parents who live up in Ohio. Janine was contacted by her son in 2010 and they were brought back together as Son and mother. Janine is involved with out “under the Bridge ” ministry and she is the leader of our Recovery group. Praise God and congratulations.

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Strengthen thy foundation only through God’s will.

Follow God and He will carry you through your trials

Recently I have been put in a very difficult situation. My flesh attempted to take over. But the sermon that I last heard stated:” Do not fret!” I realized that is was going to be another lesson from my Heavenly Father .

God lead me to the scripture:

Mathew 10:27-28

What I tell you in darkness(in prayer), that speak you in light(openly): and what you hear in the ear(what the Spirit reveals) that preach you upon the housetops.(publicly)

28)And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul(don’t fear man) but rather fear Him(God) which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.

He was allowing me to know that He was in control and all I had to do was stand firm in Him and they may give me a difficult time but God is going to carry me through all my trials and tribulations. He then lead me to:

 Mathew 10: 34-36

Think not that I am come to send peace on earth.(the entrance of Christ into the world brings shows the evil of the heart) I came not to send peace, but a sword.(the sword against the Righteous will be the response of religious reprobate[shameless person])

35) For I am came to set a man at variance(odds)against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter-in-law against her mother, and the daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law.

36) And a man’s foes shall be they of his own household.(speaks not only of immediate family, but at times, of one’s Church family)

So do not be surprised if you run into trials and tribulations that concern you and your Church family. It comes about and again if you are in the Lord you will listen to Him and not fret. What I am going to do is walk you through how the Lord carried me through this issue to get ready for a meeting where I was being removed as a recovery leader. Yes, I was hurt but again God strengthened me because I chose to follow Him and His word.Here is a verse that I live by daily and I wanted to share with you.:

Mathew 18:18

18) Verily I say unto you, whatsoever you bind on earth shall be bound in Heaven and whatsoever you loose on earth shall be loosed in Heaven.

So if a believer conducts himself Scriptureally, the decision reached will be honored and ratified in Heaven.

Recently I went and asked someone to pray for one of the person’s in my recovery group. I was devastated because the person remark was not what I had expected. the person’s remark was: “You lie with dogs you get fleas.” So yes there was not a prayer for this young man who was coming up on his one year anniversary of being clean from his issues. I felt a type of hatred or anger coming from this person and instead of confronting the situation I choose to pray for this person daily. but God had lead me to some verses that really strengthened my prays for this person. 

1John 4:20

20) If a man say, I love God and hates his Brother, he is a liar(as James states in James 3:11 “does a fountain send forth at the same place sweet and bitter?)For he who loves not his brother whom he has seen, how can he love God whom he has not seen?

So if a professed Christian cannot love a Christian brother who is sees daily. How can he love God? Whose image he bears, yet has not seen?

1 John 3:15

Whosoever hates his brother is a murder(absence of love proclaims the presence of hatred; where hatred is, there is murder) and you know that no murderer has Eternal life abiding in him.(comes back to absence of love)

 Proverbs 10:12

Hatred stirreth up strife’s(strife/debate Greek eridos, from “eris”, rivalry, strife, exertion or contention for superiority, either by intellectual or physical efforts)

So in the end we need to follow 1 Corinthians 13:4-7:

4 Charity(love) suffereth long,(refers to patience) and is kind;(represents the second side of the Divine attitude toward human kind) charity(God’s kind of love) envieth not;(does not want what other’s have) charity vaunteth not itself,(never brags) is not puffed up,(is not prideful)

Doth not behave itself unseemly,(is forgetful of self and thoughtful of others) seeketh not her own,(is unselfish) is not easily provoked,(is not bitter from antagonizing people. or insult to injury)) thinketh no evil;(takes no act of evil)

Rejoiceth not in iniquity,(never gossips of misdeeds of others) but rejoiceth in the truth;(proclaims that which the Word of God identifies as truth)

Beareth all things,(never complains) believeth all things,(takes the kindest view of all man) hopeth all things,(keeps believing for the best) endureth all things.

Recently I have been battling with this issue of with a church where an unmarried couple, living together and working as the head of a Children’s class. I know it does not follow God’s word. But God took me to these verses:

1 Timothy 3:12

Let the deacons be the husbands of one wife, ruling their children on their own.

1 Timothy 4:1

Now the Spirit(Holy Spirit) speaks expressly (pointedly) that in the latter times(times in which we are in, the last of days, which begins the fulfillment of end time prophecies) some shall depart from the Faith(Paul is referring to the Cross; we are told here that some will depart from the Cross as the means of Salvation and Victory)giving heed to seducing spirits(evil spirits, i.e. “religious spirits” making something seem like what isn’t) and doctrines of devils(should have been translated “doctrines of demons”; the “seducing spirits ” entice believers away from Faith, causing them to believe and follow “doctrines inspired by demon spirits.”)

1 Timothy 4:7

But reject profane and old wives’ fables,(that which does not have the true character of the Word of God) and exercise yourself toward godliness.(Paul’s thought moves on immediately to a contrast between the discipline of the body and the discipline of the Soul.)

So as I read these verses I realized the ill feelings I was feeling about this issue where the correct feeling coming from God’s word. He then led me to this verse that He wants me to cherish and follow all the days of my life.

1 Timothy 6:11

11 But you, O man of God, flee these things and pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love, patience, gentleness.

This is the fruit of the Spirit or at least which the Spirit alone can bring about in our lives, which He does by the Cross ever being the object of Faith.

Now some people may think I am judging. But I am not I found these verses that pretty much can explain what is happening.

John 7:24

24 Do not judge according to appearance, but judge with righteous judgment.”

What it is stating Judgement must be rendered according to the whole Word of God, and not only by taking part and perverting it to one’s own satisfaction)

There are actually two kinds of judgements.

Discernment: Kind of judgement God directs believers to use. As in the verse below Paul told the Christians in Thessalonica.

1 Thessalonians 5:21

21 Test all things;(when Prophecies are given or anything claims to be of the Lord, it should be put to the test; the test is, “is it spiritual?”) hold fast what is good.(This refers to the sifting process of accepting that which is definitely of the Lord, and rejecting that which is not.)

22 Abstain from every form of evil.(ask the question “Does it please God?”)

Here is something that A.W. Tozer stated:

“Among the gifts of the Spirit scarcely one is of greater practical usefulness than the gift of discernment. This gift should be highly valued and frankly sought as being almost indispensable in these critical times. This gift will enable us to distinguish the chaff from the wheat and to divide the manifestations of the flesh from the operations of the Spirit.”

1 Corinthians 2:15-16

15 But he who is spiritual judges all things,( portrays only the Spiritual person as capable of the proper discernment) yet he himself is rightly judged by no one.(refers to judgement which God accepts)

16 For “who has known the mind of the Lord that he may instruct Him?”(answer no one: Isiah 40:14) But we have the mind of Christ.(they who have the mind of Christ sees all things as God sees them.)

So as reading these scriptures I have come to the conclusion that all Christians should exercise discernment at all times.

Judgement God condemns

Pride-filled criticism/ is the judgement God declares inappropriate.

Luke 18:9-14

Also He spoke this parable to some who trusted in themselves(self righteous) that they were righteous, and despised others:(the twin curse of self righteousness)

10 “Two men went up to the temple to pray, (only one would be heard by God)  one a Pharisee( a man who claimed to believe the Bible) and the other a tax collector.(Publican, in Israel referred to as a traitor, thereby beyond salvation)

11 The Pharisee stood and prayed thus with himself,9His prayer went no further than he. It may have been directed to God, but not heard by God) ‘God, I thank You that I am not like other men—extortioners, unjust, adulterers, or even as this tax collector.(placed himself higher than the publican. He asked for the Lord for nothing, and that is what he received)

12 I fast twice a week; I give tithes of all that I possess.’(VS. 11 is relative righteousness  and this verse is work righteousness, both rejected by God)

13 And the tax collector, standing afar off,(did not feel free to come close too the temple) would not so much as raise his eyes to heaven,(he realized and admitted just how unclean he really was) but beat his breast, saying, ‘God, be merciful to me a sinner!’(brought instant results because the plea was based upon the Atonement and not self righteousness)

14 I tell you, this man went down to his house justified(declared a righteous man; there is no degrees in justification; one is either justified totally or not at all) ratherthan the other; for everyone who exalts himself will be humbled, and he who humbles himself will be exalted.

Those who criticize others to make themselves look good , to justify their own sin, to slander someone they dislike or to attract attention to themselves are engaging in unrighteous judgement which God condemns.

So to finish God brought me to:

1 Peter 5:10

10 But the God of all grace,(God is the source of all grace) who hath called us(divine summons) unto his eternal glory by Christ Jesus,(Jesus dying for my sins on the Cross) after that ye have suffered a while,(transition from “flesh” to “Spirit” which is not easy, fast or simple) make you perfect, stablish, strengthen, settle you.(on a firm foundation which cannot be moved, as the Grace of God comes to us in an uninterrupted flow)

So all in all God is making me stronger and firmly rooted by all my trials and tribulations of life. I will not falter when satan attempts to attack. 

 But I am comforted, believeing by my rough discipline God is Fullfilling my foundation to a very firm foundation and my roots are planted very deep. 

We are not judging people when we discern behavior or beliefs that are clearly unbiblical. For an excellent passage on having a judgmental spirit versus a discerning spirit, read Paul’s teaching on the problem of doubtful or questionable things in Romans 14. Having an opinion is not judging.
Making an observation is not judging.We are commanded to exercise righteous judgment. We are forbidden to judge when we are not qualified to do so. We may not judge according to appearance (John 7:24). This means that we may not judge on the basis of insufficient, superficial information.John 7:24 “Do not judge according to appearance, but judge with righteous judgment” 

Praise God He has carried me through this trial and tribulation with mighty learning. God gets all the glory and only Him. Amen.

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Thomas Dickens July 1, 2012 Sunday

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Jeremy Meadows our condolences go out to the passing of your mom.

Mary E. Meadows went to be with the Lord on June 10, 2012

Mary Ellen Meadows, 67, of Vinton, joined her beloved daughter, Bonnie Marie Woolwine, in eternal rest on Sunday, June 10, 2012. Mary was born in West Virginia on November 23, 1944, and was the daughter of late parents William Roy Kinder, and Dorothia Fields Kinder. 
She is survived by four sons, Charlie L. Nelson Jr., of Roanoke; Mark Allen and his wife, Dana Nelson, of New Castle; Jeremy Ward Meadows, of Roanoke; and Joseph Anthony and his wife, Tiffany Meadows, of Vinton; two sisters: Linda Jenkins and Barbara Jefferson, of Milton, W.Va.; two brothers, David Kinder, of Phoenix, Ariz., and Jack Kinder, of Waynesboro; four grandsons; three granddaughters; three great-grandsons; and several close friends. 

A private memorial is planned for Saturday, June 23, 2012, in Roanoke. Memorial contributions may be made to the Baptist Friendship House at 635 Elm Avenue, SW, Roanoke, VA 24016, where Mary worked and then volunteered for many years.

Please remember Meadows family she is with God in heaven.

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Sandra and Mari our family may be in Kansas but we will never forget them. God bless

Sandra and Mari came to us as a true blessing and now it is time to say farewell. They are always family and we love them with all our hearts. Our prayers are always with them. God bless dear children and keep your eyes focused on God! We are always here for you both. God bless.

United Christian Inner-City Ministry.

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