Angel on earth in 2012

thank you Galatic free press for use of your picture. God bless.

I had a true Angel that blessed me tremendously this past Wednesday.
On Wednesday, April 4th, 2012 I was headed off to my trauma class at Blue Ridge Behavioral health in Roanoke,VA. I ride my Peace Sport 49 cc scooter everywhere because I am on disability and cannot afford a car. I remember how I could not wait to get to class and learn more about surviving my traumas that I have had to face in life.(to read more my testimony is below “Prostitute, crack addict, alcoholic, drug dealer now God’s child”)

I was but two blocks away from the Blue Ridge Behavioral health center and I came up to this stop sign and stopped and was ready to take off when the bike just flew from under neath me. I remember just thinking “Oh no this cannot be happening, I have to be at “Under the Bridge” ministry on Tuesday night. I cannot be hurt. Oh Lord please I need to be at “Under the Bridge” to reach out to the people that no no love and are lonely and feel helpless in this world.

As I hit the ground I heard a very loud pop and the pain just flew all the way up my left leg. I thought well this was a day I should have been wearing my leather but God will heal my scrapes on my arm as it skid across the hot pavement. When all action stopped. I looked down at my leg and saw it laying there and mangled. “Wow, God I cannot be hurt, The people “Under the Bridge” need your love and they get this by seeing us being faithful and coming to visit them every Tuesday please Lord please heal me.” Just then the pain set in wow. I lay there on the cement and I thought no one is here. I began to scream because I knew I could not stand up on my own. Praise God there was a car pulling up. A wonderful lady came and I told her about the “under the Bridge” ministry and why I was so scared of being hurt. It had nothing to do with me but it had to do with sowing seeds to unsaved souls and sharing God’s love through all our actions. She immediately started praying.
Praise God I thought I have my own angel God sent to me. Wow, the hairs on my arms are standing up as I write this I know God’s love cause He provided for me when I was in an accident and she was there fast. God you are so faithful and awesome and so mighty.
She would ask me where it hurt and that the police were on there way. She was a true angel. when I would scream out in pain she prayed harder. I heard a EMT officer ask her to please get out of their way and she said” NO, I am here to pray by this dear lady and I will not leave her side until she is in the ambulance.” Praise God He kept her there at my side. AT the time I was the weakest God sent me my strength. Oh Father your love is so real and amazing.
We then heard something about a possible “Compound fracture.” I said to her “oh No I cannot have that. I have a place to be for God on Tuesday night. That is “Under the Bridge” ” She said do not worry child we will pray for healing. She immediately started praying for healing. Praise God you are the almighty healing. All things are possible through you. This lady was a true angel. Again she was there with strength that I did not have at the time.

Next they wanted to load me up into the ambulance. They were trying to place a board up under neath me. I knew it was going to hurt. But she prayed that God would subside the pain and they lifted me onto that board. Praise God it barely hurt. Her prayers were such an amazing comfort. She continued to hold my hand and she walked me to the ambulance.

I got to the hospital and they gave me morphine for the pain. I was not feeling much pain at all. I knew my Father was at my side. They then sent me to x rays. I got a couple more shots of morphine and I was with the x ray tech. Usually they make you move to the table under the camera. They did that two years ago when some kids ran me off the road and I broke my right leg. But this time I remained on the bed and she took the x rays. She then came out with a weird look on her face and she asked ” Why did they not want me to move you or your leg?” I answered they think it is damaged pretty bad. She laughed and stated I do not believe there is a broken bone in your leg! Praise God He healed my leg!!!!! Praise God the angels prayers were answered. I will be up “Under the Bridge” on Tuesday night at 6PM to show God’s love through all my actions.

I got back in the ER and the doctor came a bit confused looked at my leg and said” I am not trying to be mean but this baffles me, I am going to push on these many lumps and bumps and tell me if it hurts” He did and none of them hurt. He said “wow, this is not normal” All I could think was of coarse not I am God’s child and He loves me and I am far from normal. I am not of this world. I just thanked God all night about this amazing “Angel” God sent to me and I often pray now that someday I will have a faith as strong as hers to be able to remain so strong in a time of emergence. Miracles and Angels still exist in 2012.


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